This space was originally created in 2018 and here it is now 2021, and I am just now getting around to sharing it with you.  Over two years ago I had a vision for this site that looked a lot different.  My vision has since changed, as has my life along with many of the people in it.  As LIFE was happening (for me) and EXCUSES were being made (by me) I somehow managed to table this space and focus on all the other "things" that were happening in my life.  Well, not NO more!  Life can keep happening, and I will keep sharing because to be quite honest, writing and sharing is narrative therapy for me.  It's not all glamorous, it's just REAL, it's my truth,  and because I have experienced the direct effect from others sharing their stories, along with me sharing my own stories directly with others, I know first hand the power in sharing and I know the impact it has on others.  So if you're still here in this space with me, I welcome you to follow along, share this space with your friends, and allow this to become a safe place for you, and others to follow along with my journey.  I hope you are encouraged to share yours along the way. 

Strength and growth come only

through continuous effort and struggle



Everything that belongs to you will come to you if you create the capacity to receive it.


Keep walking in your light.

You are