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Updated: Jan 19

I have always strived to be the best role model for my children, if you know me, you know that's true. Do I fall short sometimes in areas, YUP... I sure do... but it's what happens next...I dust myself off, stand back up, straighten out my #bossmom crown, and do better next time.

My boys, now 20 and 16 have lived through so many phases of my life with me... quite literally we have grown up together. We have an amazing bond and I'm quite sure NOTHING could ever hinder that bond we share. at the age of 38, I gave birth to one more precious gift known as, #thehadleygrace, #haddiemac, #princesspie, and by her brothers as a #truestory. I'd like to believe I am wiser, I am grown, I have stronger boundaries, and I have been entrusted with this precious gift from god because I am the perfect fit for this little girl to help navigate life and become a strong independent, self-aware Young lady. Growth is important in our journey, and if you aren't growing, quite frankly the opposite of that is you are dying. I know she's watching... I want to be the best role model for her I can, I want to position myself around others that reflect love, gratitude, boundaries, strength, and kindness. I am growing, I am healing, I am strong and I'll always remind myself of this and make sure to remind my daughter that whatever phase of growth she is in, she is perfect right where she's at. I have a mug I use for my morning coffee weekly with a gentle reminder printed on it. It reads the following, I am brave, I am healing, I am blessed. Powerful reminder right? We are all BRAVE... trust yourself...I promise you you are, start with little steps towards things that you fear and show yourself that you are brave. We are all HEALING, we all have wounds, and we are all healing from traumas that we have experienced in our past or present.

The key is to unveil them, accept them, make peace with them, and express love for the exact things that have hurt us so that it's easier to express love and lead from a place of love and gratitude. We are all BLESSED, I promise... stop for one minute, look around yourself, and tell yourself the exact reason you are blessed at this moment... it could be as simple as the fact that you have the ability to read right? It doesn't have to be anything extravagant... start small by expressing love, gratitude, and thankfulness... create the habit and the rest will follow. Since having my daughter something that has been more than clear to me is that SHE is watching... it's heavy. It weighs heavy on my heart and shoulders... I have a responsibility to train this young lady up and to teach her so much, to help her find herself and her own footing in this world.

One of the BIGGEST things I will teach her is to LOVE HERSELF, it's so need no approval but your own. #2 I will teach her to show others how they will treat her, this is better known as boundaries... #3 I will teach her to use her voice to spread love, kindness, and joy. #4 I will teach her to help others without expectation of anything in return, then she can't ever be disappointed. #5, Just be a kind person and don't set expectations on how others should show up, and then you will find yourself less disappointed and happy.

The bottom line is my little girl is watching... your little girl is watching.... your best friend's little girl is watching. Your actions and the energy put out are what you should want to receive and they should match what you want to reflect in your children so proceed with caution because they are watching.

With love,

Lawa-Na Marie

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