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Updated: Jan 19, 2023

This one always gets uncomfortable. "Doing the deep work"

what comes to mind when you read the title? For me, it's this.

  • Pain... Your greatest power

  • Healing... Choosing forgiveness...

  • Growth...Experiencing

  • Transformation...

Achievement... Once you have experienced Forgiveness, Healing, and Grace, You can GROW... YOU ACHIEVE... It's a beautiful thing and a daily practice.

  • Grace... Giving grace to yourself and to others

  • Forgiveness... Forgiving yourself and others

"The Deep Work" I am 100% convinced never stops... and that is ok! We are constantly evolving... or in my opinion, we should be. Becoming complacent is a scary place to find yourself...If something isn't growing, it is typically dying, right?

This doing the deep work always starts with YOU... not your spouse, not your parents, not your partner, not your teacher, not your counselor, it is YOU YOU YOU! Others can influence you, encourage you, and give you ultimatums to get working on YOUrself, but ultimately this deep work doesn't work unless its YOU that wants the change and growth.

Here is an exercise I love and encourage you to try... The mirror, go find one...look into it... identify what is painful and speak it out loud... acknowledge, align, heal, and move on.

So much love ~

Lawa-Na Marie

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