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Updated: Jan 19

"What is actually F is going on?"

Have you ever sat there and wondered, what the actual F is going on in my life....why me... why is this happening... where did that come from... why the heck did that just happen, why me, why me, why meeeeee. Well, don't worry, you're not alone. That was me two years ago...This isn't a unique feeling, in fact, it is a very familiar feeling you and I share with many others from time to time. You in fact may be sitting there reading this and thinking "EXACTLY", what the actual F is going on....right now, and why me! Well, you're in luck....because it's relatively simple to figure out the "why" If there is one thing I've learned in my 39 years of living... and I mean LIVING on this earth...its that you can typically always figure out the WHY....and it sucks sometimes because that requires you to hush your mouth and mind, and get the F honest with yourself. If you get quiet and focused enough inwardly you will start seeing patterns in your OWN thoughts and behaviors that got you right where you were (or) right where you're at this very moment.

"It's true, it's for you.”

Now, before you get getting your panties in a bunch, here is my full disclosure... I am in no way a Psychologist or any sort of professional trying to diagnosing or treating you... but here is what I am, I am a 39 year old woman who has been through A LOT of both good and challenging events in life. Some as a result of my own choices and some because of others choices... however as a grown ass woman, I made a conscious decision to share my experiences in hopes to encourage another to do the same. At the young age of 19 I decided I really didn't like the girl/woman I was projecting. She was scared... she was not kind....and quite frankly, she was a jerk! I took a few steps back, and I started getting REAL with myself. I started holding myself accountable for my own actions and choices. I started speaking less and listening more...because believe it or not, that is when you learn. Don't get me wrong... YOU DO NOT need to listen to everyone....or everything... in fact there are plenty of people planting seeds (toxic) seeds for you to feed on... and that is where your intuition should kick in and you should really trust yourself on whom you should and shouldn't be listening to and spending your time with. While you're at it, consider this, your very own thoughts and actions attract your outcome...Wow, that's right...YOUR thoughts, and YOUR actions or lack thereof, determine what your OUTCOME is... that's pretty powerful to think, right? Do you believe it? I know I sure do... because I've lived it. It would probably be much easier to take ownership of a new car, new house, new handbag, new ANYTHING.. rather than to actually take ownership of the very fact that we attract what we get.

Now, don't get me wrong, maybe something traumatic has happened in your life and you can't even begin to think that it was meant for you. Here is where I caution you to NOT take things personally. When trauma hits a family, a lot of the time, family members are left wondering what they could have done different, how could they have changed an outcome, etc. The reality of that is this, a lot fo the time, unfortunate situations and circumstances arise due to someone else's choices, and unfortunately it creates a lot of suffering for others close to the trauma. This type of situation isn't what I am talking about here specifically, however I felt it was necessary to explain briefly for any concerned readers.

"YOU just want to SCREAM"

I get it, believe me... I get it. We have all been there. We've all been dealt that shitty hand at one point or another, and well, that's just life. Honestly, that may be one of the best pieces of advice i received as a child... " oh well, that's life" my mom would say... when things didn't work out exactly how I wanted them to. Honestly guys, how true is that... Now imagine if, you could have that outlook on things in life now, and just move on from them quickly with purpose, how would your days, weeks, or even years look different if you didn't spend so much time getting caught up in the things that are out of your control, the things you set expectations for that didn't quite pan out... just take a minute here and meditate on that. Listen, life just screws us over sometimes... and that's that...what else ya got? See how easy that was to pull out all the negative... why can't it be that easy to pull out the positive? The lessons... the value in these things that are meant for us... good, bad, or indifferent... they are ours and they are meant for us to learn from.

"Lets circle back around..."

So back to the title of this post; " everything that is meant for you will come to you"... do you believe me yet? Do you believe that if you take intentional action aka the (KIND OF ACTION YOU TAKE ON PURPOSE) on changing your thought process, outlook, or reactions around things in your daily life, you may just experience things differently, positive change, and attract more of what you desire to attract, and not just by defaulting? You know that old saying " you get what you put out"... welp, it's true... and the same goes with the energy and vibe you're throwing around for others to experience... trust me... it is coming back to you, so make sure it is what you want to receive.

"In closing"

Give this some thought... the music you are listening to, the people you are conversing with, the people you spend time with, the television shows you entertaining, the books you are reading, the work you are doing, all of these things you ALLOW to influence your mind and life are directly going to come through you... there is a lot of truth to the old saying, if you want to know who you are take a look at the top 5 people you spend the most of your time with and the things you allow to influence your environment. If you can honestly do this, and look at this with clarity, you will see exactly why you're getting exactly what you're getting.

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