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Are you looking to be inspired, empowered, impacted and engaged? 


I have been speaking for years on all different platforms and impacting a variety of audiences ranging from small group workshops to conferences with 100’s of people. I am on a mission to create better cultures, brands, workspaces, and communities. My passion is to inspire and encourage others to step into their strengths speak up and speak their truth, and to find the value in their natural-born ability.  I achieve this by sharing my own truths around overcoming my own life experiences.  I enjoy encouraging people to remove self-doubt, move away from negative self-talk, and focuses on how to overcome rejection and hesitation in all different types of situations personal and professional.  The ultimate goal when speaking is always to get as many listeners as possible on the path to the life they desire and dream to live rather than the life they have found themselves defaulting to living. Each talk I give is tailored as much as possible based on the needs of the audience. 


In efforts of making the selection process easiest for you, I offer a phone consultation to understand your needs and expectations for your audience so I can best serve them.

To discuss pricing please contact Lawa-Na directly at

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