I'm so glad you're here

At the age of 29, I invested the $300 it cost to enroll in the Real Estate class.  Unbenounced to me at the time would I have ever imagined that decision I made in the moment which wasn’t even a passion of mine, I was just literally trying to make an extra five thousand a year in order to take my children on a vacation once a year without worrying about it. That single investment led me to the most successful years of my life thus far, and we are just getting started.

I hope you’ll join me and follow along.  


XO, Lawa-Na 

What fuels me...

You mean BESIDES Spicy Margaritas and Tacos!?
It fuels my soul to be in a position of helping others, and specifically one of my passions is to help women, women I can relate to reclaim their own power within and take control of the steering wheel of their life. 

Most days...

You can find me doing the Real Estate mom grind… don’t believe me, just ask my fam, they’ve been watching me do this dance since 2011, and I love it!  However, while doing that, they’ve also watched me dream of ways I could incorporate all of my passions, and a way to get from where I was at to where I wanted to be.  


Why I'm here...

This platform is a way to share my story with you, and inspire you to know that you can do anything you set your mind to! How do I know this? Because I did it myself! I went from being a single mom, survivng on a hope and a prayer to being able to identify the things holding me back in my life, and fulfilling all of the promises I made to myself for a better future. I know you can, too!