Intentional Mentoring

Do you feel stuck?


Do you feel discouraged?


Do you feel frustrated?


Do you feel suffocated?


Do you feel like you don't know who you are anymore?


If you answered YES to ALL or ANY of those questions above, then I am so happy you've found yourself here.

I have designed the Intentional Mentoring Sessions to help people like you and I get straight down to business on resolving and overcoming the challenge(s) we all face one step at a time. #youarenotalone. My mentoring model consists of four, One-hour mentoring sessions over the duration of four - Eight weeks (weekly or bi-weekly) that's your choice.  During these sessions, we will identify and get to the root of one problem/challenge that has you stuck. We will structure out simple solutions and steps to implement into your daily practice so you can move on from what is holding you back, to allow the space for your ultimate growth. 


My goal in developing this program was to design a more feasible program that is a more cost-effective approach to mentoring and one that is attainable to a larger population.  This allows for better use of our time together and a program that won't leave you feeling stressed about the investment.

While there are many mentoring programs out there to choose from, I don't believe that there is a one size fits all program for everyone.  I also know they are extremely costly and not attainable by many who long for the mentorship because I was once that girl. 


So my ultimate goal is this- Helping others to get honest with themselves around their fears and challenges of what's holding them back so they can experience the greatest growth possible personally, spiritually, and professionally. Designing this mentoring program was truly inspired by what I had identified within myself needing and after sharing with many others I realized this was a much greater need then just mine. I am a Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur, a Dreamer, and first and foremost, I am Lawa-Na Marie.  I am in the business of impacting others with love, hope, and joy. My natural being is a giving soul, and I have come to terms with myself that after many years of fighting my internal instincts to share, help, and lead others that I needed to just put my big girl pants on and use the tools and clarity that  I have been blessed with to help others.

If you're ready to make the BEST tangible investment in yourself, here's what you need to do next.

1. You need to believe in yourself, and the decision you are making right now.

2. You need to make the decision that this is a non-negotiable agreement you are making with yourself because YOU are ready to get to work!

Here is what I need from you...commitment to yourself for the ultimate growth. 

ONE hour weekly/Bi-weekly FOR 4-8 WEEKS... BECAUSE YOU'RE ARE WORTH IT! 

Now let's get to work!  

I'm your accountability partner, but YOU are in the driver seat. 


 I am not a miracle worker but GUESS WHAT ?